How to Clean a Dishwasher: 5 Eco-Conscious Tips


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Our dishwashers do a lot for us. They can make our plates squeaky clean in a flash, give the baby’s teethers a much-needed shine, 和 most importantly, 当新巴黎人官方只想躺在沙发上放松的时候,新巴黎人官方的手就不用再刷洗了

If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher in your kitchen, you might be faced with a conundrum that occurs to many—how do you clean the thing that does all the cleaning? 

这是一个很好的问题,虽然新巴黎人官方希望有一天洗碗工能够在你的银器旁边给自己一个自我护理的清洁日, we can tell you how to clean a dishwasher with sustainable cleaners.

#1 Use the Right 洗碗 Detergent (And Skip the Pre-Wash)

说到给洗碗机重新上电,首先要问的问题之一是, what are you putting in that thing?

不,新巴黎人官方不是在谈论你盘子里未漂洗的阿尔弗雷多酱或西兰花食物颗粒. 信不信由你,少量的食物残渣并没有你想象的那么严重. 大多数洗碗机可以处理一些碎片,只要你刮掉大的东西.

事实上, 《新巴黎人注册网站》指出,不清洗甚至可以让洗碗机的传感器更好地工作.

在你打开盘子之前跳过额外的冲洗对地球有好处. 为什么? For every minute you spend pre-washing dishes, you use between 1.7–6 gallons of water, plus any energy required to run the hot water. 

而不是, 装洗碗机时要考虑的最重要的事情是你要用什么洗涤剂. 为了达到最佳效果, use a dishwasher detergent that has a readily biodegradable formula, is effective on grease, avoids harsh chemicals, 和 won’t leave harmful residues on 你的盘子 or the dishwasher, 比如新巴黎人官方的 新巴黎人注册网站 Wave Dishwasher Gel.

An open dish washer with clean dishes

#2 Don’t Skip the Rinse Aid




  • Soap scum on plates 和 utensils
  • Water spots 和 cloudiness in glasses
  • Buildup of minerals inside your dishwasher


使用漂洗剂可以帮助你保持餐具一尘不染,洗碗机内部也同样光亮, especially when you’re skeptical about your water quality. Try an eco-conscious option like the 新巴黎人注册网站漂洗剂, which uses natural lemon oil to dissolve buildup 和 prevent spots. Plus, it uses a 100% biodegradable formula.

#3 Care For Your Dishwasher After Each Wash

当盘子变热的时候,把干净的盘子拿出来,你会感到非常满足, 干, 闪闪发光的干净. 

然而, 你可能会错过保持洗碗机清洁的一个重要步骤——每次洗完后检查里面.

从盘子上掉下来的大部分碎屑都会被过滤器过滤掉. 但如果有任何食物碎片它抓不到,或者对过滤器来说太大了, those bits of food debris can cause buildup as they 干. 结果? A less-than-refreshing odor.

To save 你自己 from having to clean this later on, 新巴黎人官方建议在你把所有的东西都卸下来之后,对洗碗机进行一次目视检查,在昨天的饭菜变成明天的气味之前,用湿布擦干净所有的剩菜. 

#4 Clean the Outside of the Dishwasher Each Week

Much like the fridge, 炉子, 和微波, 新巴黎人官方的洗碗机外面有很多指纹和污迹. To keep your dishwasher as spotless on the outside as it is on the inside, we recommend these steps on a weekly basis or as often as needed:

  • 要清除任何堆积和污垢,用软布和毛巾擦拭洗碗机门的外面 通用的清洁
  • 如果你有一个不锈钢洗碗机,你也可以使用特殊的喷雾,比如新巴黎人注册网站 Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish,以清除洗碗机门内外的任何顽固的条纹和指纹.
  • 使用一个 消毒剂喷雾 made with hydrogen peroxide to finish off any germs.

African Young Woman Fixing Dishwasher In Kitchen

#5 Do a Dishwasher Deep Clean Every Month

Every so often, it’s important to give your whole house a deep clean. An essential item that should be on your deep cleaning checklist 是洗碗机吗?. If you haven’t deep-cleaned your dishwasher in a while, the first time might be a bit more time-consuming. 然而,定期保养和关注一些特定的地方,随着时间的推移,它会变得容易得多.


  • Pull out the removable parts – That means the top 和 bottom rack, 餐具篮, 和 the dishwasher’s spray arms if they are removable. You can wipe these down with some warm water, eco-conscious dish soap和一块布,使用旧牙刷进入任何难以触及的地方. Let them air 干 while you do the rest.
  • 清洗过滤器 – Most dishwashers are fitted with a removable filter at the bottom, below the arm that spins 和 sprays the dishes. It’s designed to trap all the food particles. If you don’t clean it, 你的洗碗机可能不能正常工作,更不用说满过滤器会散发出难闻的气味. Empty any loose particles into the trash can, 然后在一碗洗洁精和温水中长时间浸泡过滤器. 一旦任何积聚物松动,用海绵轻轻擦拭,并设置过滤器干燥.
  • Wipe down the inside – Fill a bowl with a squeeze of grease-fighting dish detergent, such as 新巴黎人注册网站 Hypoallergenic Dishsoap,以及温水. 用海绵或抹布擦拭你能够到的洗碗机的每一个地方. 你可能需要用旧牙刷去除某些区域的颗粒, such as around the filter 和 in the corners.
  • 打开洗碗机 After you replace the dishwasher’s removable parts, 你可以在没有任何盘子的情况下,通过运行一个洗涤循环来额外清洁它. Some dishwashers even have a special wash cycle designed for this purpose. To help break down any remaining buildup, use a detergent with enzymes. You can also add in your 新巴黎人注册网站漂洗剂 if you notice any mineral buildup from hard water.
  • 让它风干 – Once you have a fully clean dishwasher, leave the door open 和 let it air out, allowing any leftover moisture to evaporate.

Keep Your Dishwasher Safe, Clean, 和 Green

当你清洁电器时,你可能会想要使用最强力的清洁剂. 你知道的,就是那些使用刺激性化学物质或强烈的香水来掩盖不受欢迎的气味的人. 然而, before you reach for these solutions, you should know that not all of them are worth the results.

普通家用清洁剂中的一些化学物质可能对洗碗机有害, 你的盘子, 你自己, 这个星球. 这些包括:

  • 乙醇胺 -这是一种常见的表面活性剂和乳化剂,用于使肥皂和洗涤剂具有泡沫性. 当它分解时,会产生一种叫做亚硝胺的致癌毒素. On labels, you’ll often find this listed as TEA, DEA, or MEA.
  • 磷酸盐 – These chemicals are often used to counteract hard water buildup. 它们的缺点是对环境,尤其是水生生态系统有剧毒.
  • 含氯漂白剂 -除了潜在的污渍和损坏你的不锈钢洗碗机和其他电器, bleach can produce toxic fumes, 灼伤你的皮肤, 和 react dangerously with other chemicals. Its by-products are also highly harmful to the planet.

与其使用刺激性的清洁溶液,不如使用肥皂和清洁剂 安全的选择 label, like those from 新巴黎人注册网站. This label means the product has met st和ards set by the U.S. 并且含有对你的健康和环境更安全的成分. 

新巴黎人注册网站: Cleaning Solutions for a Cleaner Planet

Given how much they take off our plates, dishwashers can be a lifesaver in our deep cleaning routines. 在你没有自己洗碗而把碗装满意大利面之前, 你可能会惊讶地发现,洗碗机也可以帮助减少新巴黎人官方对地球的影响. 

Compared to washing your dirty dishes by h和, 研究表明,新巴黎人官方的现代洗碗机可以减少一半的用水量,并减少热水所需的能量输出.

If our dishwashers are making such efforts to help the environment, it only makes sense for us to do the same. To exp和 your efficient cleaning habits with tips on how to clean a shower如何清洗水槽, 新巴黎人注册网站 is here to help. Keep your home 和 our planet safer from harsh chemicals by opting for eco-conscious cleaners 由植物驱动的成分和100%可生物降解的配方制成,比如新巴黎人注册网站的配方. 

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